A brown basket of E1Kaye Pamperlicious Moist-N-U calming body wash inside and outside the baskete
E1Kaye soap bar in a wooden table with a bottle of perfume oil on the left side
E1Kaye Luxury Soaps
Highly recommended spa worthy goat milk soap comprised of fantastic creamy and restorative vitamin rich shea butter with hand spun 100% pure goats milk.
A white women with big curly light brow hair holding a bottle of E1Kaye perfume by Dior
E1Kaye Face & Body
Ecologically sound and fantastic skin and body products from a brand you can trust.   E1Kaye decadent, fresh hand crafted skin dainties for your face and body care.
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  1. 1
    Face & Lips
    Let's face it. Your skin is an edifice and craves moisture on the surface follicles for external hydration. We make gentle products for you.
  2. 2
    Bath & Body
    Experience our naturally bubblicious body wash. The luscious lather leaves your skin feeling silky soft, smooth and refreshed. It feels like pouring liquid gold over your body.
  3. 3
    Skin Moisturizers
    Adorned in our most popular scents our Vitamin E moisturizers are infused with organic shea butter to leave your skin feeling fabulous.
  4. 4
    Men's Parlor
    Shoppe for men of standard: luxury soaps, body lotions, cologne oils, body washes and bathroom accessories.
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