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Custom Made Hand Crafted Skin Dainties
For discerning customers who appreciate transparency and care about where their beauty ingredients come from, we produce hand crafted luxury bath, skin and hair care products grounded in age old ethics and faith based grass roots.

Ecologically sound and fantastic skin products from a brand you can trust.  E1KAYE decadent, fresh hand crafted skin dainties for your face and body care needs. Our vision is to be personal to you with fresh products that make your skin so soft with unique scents so you can experience what sets us apart.  We want our vision to spring to life in your life so you can experience E1KAYE for yourself.
How We Make Our Products:  We make our shea butter products with Certified Organic Shea Butter imported from Ghana, Africa.   Our superior quality soaps are made from the highest quality ingredients, imported from the UK.  Every product we sell has been safe-tested, developed, created and sampled by people; not animals.   In the past year we have added a variety of popular products to our E1Kaye line.   We promote natural products because of vitamin properties and the positive effects on different skin types.
E1KAYE Promise:  We are committed to provide you with the best, premium, certified organic shea butter products and skin care in the Market.    Our products are not mass produced by machines and flown by drones but are personally made with the highest quality, care and thoughfulness that we would expect for ourselves.  We make each order with love and professionalism. It is a personal labor of love from our family to you.

Meet the Founder

The founder and CEO of E1Kaye posing for a picture
It all started in my little kitchen.  I felt inspired back in 1998 to make hand made natural products with my 2 little girls during their summer break.   Being a single parent, I was always thinking of things we could do together, that would be fun for them to do over the summer.  I wanted them to be apart of my creative process because I knew if we failed that it would still be fun for them.  Needless to say I started loving what we made for ourselves, and decided to make other types of skin products in our home, with a simple goal in mind:  Make hand made skin dainties with premium quality and consistency that the family could enjoy, specific to the needs of everyone, using simple all natural ingredients.   Other friends and family started asking me to make them special occasion gifts and so I decided to embark on the journey, to bless others with our fresh hand made skin dainties.
E1KAYE cosmetics was started by grass roots back in 1998 in Atlanta Ga.  We launched our services in the local Atlanta areas and started as mobile delivery service, prior to launching into an E1Kaye store front with distribution channels in the local area back in 2003.  We now distribute to customers around the globe supplying, hand crafted, made to order shea butter skin remedies and a host of other products for hair and body. Our aim is to personalize what we love so that customers can enjoy premium quality products the same way we do.
Kaye Frazier
Founder and CEO
E1KAYE Luxury Soaps
Highly recommended spa worthy goat milk soap comprised of fantastic creamy and restorative vitamin rich shea butter with hand spun 100% pure goats milk.
E1KAYE Face & Body
Ecologically sound and fantastic skin and body products from a brand you can trust.   E1Kaye decadent, fresh hand crafted skin dainties for your face and body care.
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