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Partnering for Global Impact

Why We Support U.F.I
We believe partnership is like a covenant.  It is a strong contractual agreement or relationship between parties that bonds energy and resources together in order to achieve one common objective or goal.  

U.F.I (United Family International Ministries) provides a platform for current and prospective partners to contribute towards the strategic development of the ministry.  U.F.I allows partners to collectively participate financially and materially in social support program deployments (i.e. Agape Family Care) for the underprivileged and the destitute.

U.F.I was founded by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and has central offices located in Zimbabwe, Africa.  U.F.I impacts All Nations and people of the World through their global impact efforts.

Agape Family Care Unit is committed to offer care and support to thousands of people in need such as widows, orphans, charity organizations, families, and hospitals with medical needs and other support. The help which has been extended to thousands cover various needs across physical, food and sustenance, clothing shelter, health, financial, housing, and many other needs for various people in society.

Agape Family Care, the charity wing of U.F.I has a vision and mandate to support people, families and communities with various needs and is passionately driven by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa. Agape Family Care donated groceries to more than two hundred widows because many of them have no other means of support.  This charity wing financially supports various orphanages, covers school fees for thousands of orphans, rentals are being paid for many underprivileged families among other care and support exercise being carried out by Agape Family Care.
The U.F.I Charity Department donated top of the range hospital equipment to Kadenge Rural Health Centre as well as tonnes of goods to Tanyaradzwa Children's home in Murehwa. Chief Mangwende and Murehwa's ward 25 councillor Geshem Tandayi, village heads and people from the community were present during the special event. Donations go a long way to curb the problem of high maternal mortality rate as many mothers preferred to give birth at home because the local centre did not have enough equipment. The Tanyaradzwa Children's home houses 155 children to date and because of the U.F.I efforts they received 2 tonnes of maize, 500 liters cooking oil, 600kgs sugar, 240 coffee mugs, 610kgs sugar, 500kgs rice, 200kgs salt, 120 bars of washing soap, Kapenta, sanitary towels and kitchen utensils.

The United Family International Ministries is the evidence of supernatural birth, growth and establishment which is clear testimony of God's abundant unfailing, unsought and unlimited mercy and kindness upon the life of Prophet E. Makandiwa's Ministry and personal life.

Partnership Benefits:
Donations are tax deductible
Supporting a cause helps to keep you informed about social injustices
Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction strengthens your spiritual life
Charitable donations show that you care and that you are connected

For more U.F.I  information please contact: [email protected]

or call on +263 4 252472
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